3 Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing Industrial Warehouse Racking

To allow for a smooth and efficient running of your warehouse, you'll need the right industrial warehouse racking system.

However, it might get quite challenging to settle for a system that doesn't call for an expensive refit soon. But, these 3 factors – if kept in mind when choosing industrial storage racks – can ensure that you are making a smart and a cost-friendly decision for your business requirements.

1. Your Storage Requirements

Undoubtedly, your storage requirements and the kind of orders that your business receives is the foremost thing to keep in mind.

The reason behind it is that each type of racking systems is meant for specific purposes and types of products.

In case you are planning to store medium or large items with large pallets, you may go for Standard or Narrow Aisle pallet racking, whereas small items or parts can be handled with Carton Flow racking systems at their best.

While deciding which system suits you product range perfectly, consider the weight, height and movement of your products, at the same time analysing how the same affects your pick up zones.

2. Scalability and Adjustability

Storage rack and a forklift

In the forthcoming years, a need for additional storage might arise in your warehouse. As different racking systems allow for different possibilities for expansion, try to look for modular systems that you can expand later on.

You need to keep the expected growth of your business in mind, along with the ease of scalability of the racking and the effort required.

Also, packaging is often redesigned and items are replaced or discontinued with the developments in the product lines, in turn making it necessary to make adjustments to the industrial racking.

Racking systems, including Shuttle, Vertical, Cantilever and 'Carton Live are highly adjustable, whereas a few others are less adaptable, such as Drive-in racks.

You must calculate which type of racking systems would offer the most flexibility for your products and business field.

3. The Projected Budget

The overall costs and the projected cost of your industrial warehouse racking is one of the most significant factors to keep in mind. It also includes the installation and designing costs, making it essential to go for a smart racking system that works best for your even in the long run.

Instead of looking out for the cheapest standard racking, you must try considering the best solution cost.

You might need to spend a little extra if your space calls for a specialist storage solution, such as Pallet Flow or Push Back racking, which is also accompanied by their specialist installation and planning costs.