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An Overview of Unity08

Who We Are

Unity08 consists of average citizens – of all parties, ages, states, and ethnic backgrounds – coming together to re-activate the American community and change our politics forever. The movement was founded by some old-time political hands who have seen Washington work effectively and know the system today is broken. They continue to provide advice and counsel to the effort (in totally unpaid roles). The technology is directed by Robert Bingham, who has a successful background in the technology world, and is serving as a $1/year CEO. He has assembled a team of qualified professionals to work with him to assure a secure online convention. Bingham, like most Unity08 members, is not politically experienced except as an average voter frustrated by the quality of public service in Washington. To learn more about us, please view our Advisory Council, our Board of Directors, our Founders' Council, and our Rules Committee.

What We Believe

Our members, like our founders, believe that while the current political system in Washington is broken, that new technology exists to change our politics, and that the American people will enthusiastically support the effort. The members believe that a Unity Ticket is a preferable way to govern Washington right now – and they believe that their government is not addressing the most crucial issues that affect the future and well-being of the country. We believe that America is at its best when it accepts what some see as a near-impossible challenge and sets out to overcome that challenge. And, we believe that most Americans want to feel part of something greater than themselves. Unity08 can be just that kind of historic challenge and achievement, resulting in a re-United States of America. Furthermore, we believe that over 60% of the American people are dissatisfied with the politics of the current two parties and yearn for something better. We believe that a Unity Ticket chosen by an online convention of millions of Americans can not just win the national popular vote in 2008, but will be competitive in every single state and can easily win a comfortable majority in the Electoral College. And, we believe that such an election will change American politics forever – just in time.

Our Goals

  1. Elect a president and vice president who will reunite America.
  2. Nominate that Unity Ticket in the first-ever online convention in June 2008.
  3. Empower the people to pick the issues and the questions the candidates must answer.
  4. Change American politics forever.

Unity08 Membership

Any registered voter, regardless of party, can join us. And, there is no need to change your current party affiliation.

Membership in Unity08 allows you to:

  • Support or draft your own candidate for president.
  • Vote on the issues and questions the candidates must answer.
  • Vote for president and vice president in the first-ever online convention.
  • Be part of history by creating the re-United States of America.

What can members do to help the movement now?

  • Recruit more members – from your family, friends, neighbors, and others.
  • Make a contribution – The technology and ballot access costs are costly (although nowhere near what the presidential campaigns are already spending). We can accept up to $5000 per person per year, but every bit you can give helps a lot. Click here to donate.
  • Give us your input -- If you haven’t done it yet, rank your issues. We want to know what you believe the crucial issues are – and what you think of the approach Unity08 is taking.
  • Help with ballot access in your state -- It is a tough on-the-ground job in all 50 states. It can be done but only with the help of our members.

Online Convention

Building the first-ever online convention is a mighty challenge, but is very exciting. When millions of Americans nominate a Unity Ticket for president and vice president in June 2008, the entire course of American political history will be changed. The official Convention Hall will allow members to participate in the candidate campaigns and efforts to draft candidates, the New American Agenda process of identifying the crucial issues, and getting the candidate’s answers to the key questions on those issues. Security will be assured by a variety of methods and we will abide by the one-person-one-vote principle. Voter registration will be verified for all delegates. A panel of trusted overseers will give added confidence in the process to the public and the media. Draft rules have been proposed by the Rules Committee. They spell out who may run, how to go about it, and what services the Convention Hall web site will provide qualified candidates as they seek the nomination. In May, the field of candidates will be whittled down by a vote of the members so that no more than five candidates will enter the final nomination process. At that time they must name their running mate for vice president and state that they will run if nominated. There will then be succeeding ballots taken and the first ticket that receives 50% plus one vote will be the Unity08 nomination. By the term “Unity Ticket” we mean one Republican and one Democrat, in whatever order, or an independent with a Unity Team (such as a Republican for Vice President and a Democrat designated to be Secretary of State).  We are intent on electing to the White House a team of leaders in good position to seek common ground with the leaders of both parties in the Congress on the crucial issues confronting the country.

Candidate Nomination

Many citizens have already indicated their interest in running.

Candidacy Filing and Petition Forms.

In addition, the staff of Unity08 has systematically briefed over four dozen leaders in politics, business, and the non-profit world – or their staff – on the process, the steps we are taking, how we expect the convention plans to unfold, our progress on ballot access, and more. Many of these people have requested the briefing; others are people we have been encouraged to brief; still others are leaders we have felt should know about the process in detail. Out of respect for those being briefed, the Unity08 staff has treated all such briefings as strictly confidential, including the fact that a briefing has taken place. They are free to talk about any of it if they wish, but we do not. One uniform reaction in the briefings is that our definition of the problem is widely perceived as accurate. Many who have been briefed are watching closely to determine whether we will recruit significant delegate numbers – and whether our ballot access program will be as successful. Some will undoubtedly wait on the the results from the early major party primaries before making a final decision to run for the Unity08 nomination.

New American Agenda

Today’s politics seems content to avoid crucial issues as Washington is polarized and paralyzed – often by the very extreme positions that candidates take as they seek support from their party’s base in the presidential primaries. In the past, the parties sum up this empty process with empty party platforms adopted at their conventions. Unity08 will turn that process on its head. All Unity08 Members will have several opportunities to vote and rank the issues crucial to the future safety and well-being of the American people. In this ongoing process during 2007 and before the convention in 2008, the members will also identify the key questions the candidates should answer on those crucial issues. The combination of the ranked issues and the questions to ask about them make up the Unity08 platform. The online Convention Hall will provide an opportunity for the candidates to answer via posting and videos. We believe this process will change the empty debate and bickering of Washington and allow us to find common ground on the crucial issues facing the country. Our politics will never be the same again. 

Ballot Access in all 50 States

Placing the Unity08 ticket for president and vice president on the November 2008 ballot is regulated by each of the 50 States. They each have laws governing how to get on the ballot, and every one of those laws is different – in terms of timing, style of qualifying, how many petition signatures are needed, etc. We need the help of the Unity08 members in their states to accomplish this task.

View the ballot access requirement map.

Why Unity08 Will Succeed 

  1. Every American generation re-lights the torch of freedom. Yours will too.
  2. Politics-as-usual is dead. Done. Over.
  3. The people know the system is broken and yearn for something new.
  4. Unity08 will meet the need by launching the new technology to change our politics forever.
  5. We will achieve ballot access in all 50 states.
  6. There is no other choice. We must do this now.

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